Jon Jones future UFC champ

in the near future?
Here is a nice highlight clip of his-


He needs to work on his cardio, but it could happen.

It's going to be Machida/Jones in 2010.

It'll be a great fight.

Talented and exciting prospect - we shall see..

Who is he working with?

could jon jones take down machida?

I wish the best for this guy as he's exciting as hell. Still, that division is really deep. He's only had 2 high level bouts, so I think we'll need to know more before declaring him the future champ.

You have to love someone who fights like Shonie Carter version 2.0 with spinning attacks and lots of big throws/slams.

Mo Lawal would beat him.

Maybe, awesome wrestling, interesting standup and still really young.

At any event he definitely needs some more time to develop.


crazydave - Who is he working with?

Ryan Ciotolli(I believe that's how his last name is spelt)
I can't remember who is doing his muay thai its a well known native american guy from western NY, for his last fight he did some training with Tamdan McCroy and Erik Charles from CNYMMA, He has also told me that he's looking to train a little bit under my stand-up coach Jayson Porter(also teaches at CNY).

I have to admire the guys skill level; the throws and that spinning elbow were some cool stuff. ttt for Jones.

He showed some nice skills in his last bout but lets not get carried away, he has a lot to prove before he can be considered for a title shot.

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The Otherground - Fun guy to watch thus far but nowhere near showing he can hold a title

true..maybe in a year and a half, he will be the full package.

hey slagathor - shouldn't you be busy failing math & english?

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Whens your next fight man?

Unreal fighter. Has a long road ahead but is definitely worthy (in the future).

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