Jon Jones - Graphic Pictures taken on Saturday!!!

These are some very graphic images of Jon 'Bones' Jones to be taken on Saturday September 4th 2012, before and after the H-Bomb lands. Poor guy gets Hiroshima'd by the new GOAT of MMA!



It is going to be an explosive fight once the H-Bomb finds it's target!


Is that second pic back of the head? Phone Post


^ Is Mayhem wearing knuckle dusters?

No hes wearing that big Ring he used to...

No chance H bomb will land ( I hate Jbj) Phone Post

Never say never with Hendo. He only needs to land one punch. 

Hendo by Hiroshima Phone Post

I am confident in Hendo. Phone Post

Sigh...i came here to see jon jones' "bone"

SE555 - 

  I like your style...



TTT Phone Post


 And don't sleep on his left!

WOW!!! Dan has beaten THE Renzo Gracie & random Japanese fighter #126? Shiieeet, he's gonna beat Jon Jones for sure.

 And he throws that right hand alot longer than his 71" reach

ha ha yeah he was out before getting slammed