Jon Jones: I plan on weighing 240

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                                Jon Jones: I plan on weighing 240

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                    <p>UFC lighheavyweight champion Jon Jones is only 24, and growing. He understands a move to heavyweight is inevitable at some point in the future.</p>

In a recent PCS Mobile fan chat, Jones discussed the move up, and a potential fight with Cain Velasquez. However, he cautioned that before moving up intended to break the record set by Tito Ortiz for most title defenses. The record is five, and Jones currently has four wins, which would mean at least two more wins before a move up.

"I definitely have goals to compete at heavyweight and obviously go for the championship," said Jones. "But it's a ways away. Right now I'm cutting weight more efficiently, trying to eat smarter and do things better and the weight cuts are getting easier so, heavyweight might be a ways away."

"Fighting Cain would be a great honor in the future. I'm here to fight the best guys and I would love to fight Cain in the future. Not because I don't like him or anything I think he's an awesome guy, but, you know, the competition. That's why I'm here. "

"When I move up to heavyweight I definitely won't be trying to hang on to two belts at the same time. I'll be focused, you know, strictly on heavyweight."

"When I compete at heavyweight I plan on weighing like 240 and I really won't want to get much bigger than that. I think speed and agility would give me an advantage being smaller than those guys, so."

Jones and Chael Sonnen recently wrapped up filming of TUF 17, where they served as opposing coaches. TUF 17 debuts on Tues., Jan. 22, 2013, on FX. Jones and Sonnen will fight next April in NJ.

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Cain? What about the champ JDS? Phone Post

hawaiidave - Cain? What about the champ JDS? Phone Post

I think Jon just unwittingly revealed the UFCs dastardly plans to have JDS take a dive. Place your bets on Cain! Phone Post

who even knows who wil be champ by the time he moves up.but it sounds like he thinks cain is the best heavy out there and will beat jds in the rematch.either way i dont think he is gonna move up tel about two more yrs.he is only 24. do u think he should get automatic title shot if he were to move up and still has not lost at lhw?

Ya if he could still dominate in LHW why not? Hes still young at 24. Making the move to HW, be pretty hard to cut back to 205 but who knows, be fuckin' rad if he could hold both belts at the same time.
But i personally believe that JDS would KHimTFO with ease, gettin, into range being no problem (after i saw him rape Struve at 95). Phone Post

And what happens if Cain loses? He'd have to float around the divison and wait for a new champ or be forced out like Edgar did to BJ or Bendo did to Edgar. You guys think Cain could move down to LHW if the cards played out like that?
And would JBJ still have an advantage at LHW? Phone Post

Good watch.

In before, "Oh my God!!! He's already way to big for LHW!!!! Just look at his 16' wingspan!!!" Phone Post

If you read the full article you will see that he was asked about a potential matchup with Cain and responded during a Metro PCS chat session. Phone Post

I can't wait to see him fight some big guys. Phone Post

The UG IQ fail YET again! Oh he ducking HW. LMFAO

Very smart of Jones to focus on Cain. Junior is simply invulnerable at the moment, and anyone who thinks he can beat him certainly has a death wish.

Jones would beat Cain down and get crushed by 2 Saints

Cormier vs Jones THIS summer. PLEASE! I like Gustafsson, but he will get tapped in 2 seconds by Jones. And I am banking on Cain to beat JDS, so Cormier and Cain won't fight eachother - that leaves cormier vs Jones Superfight. PLEASE! Let's get that one in the books.

Overeem would hape bones Phone Post

lol @ this guy beating up small LHWs

too funny

Olive Garden Table For One -

Jones would beat Cain down and get crushed by 2 Saints

Agree 100% Phone Post

UGCTT_VA757_GJTT - Overeem would hape bones Phone Post

One kick from the Reem would snap those chicken legs. Phone Post

Junior is waiting. I'd like to see that fight... Phone Post

In b4 people post without reading the article, and accuse him of weighing that much already Phone Post