Jon Jones on Leno drinking game

 1 shot of your favorite hard liquor every time...

Jones mentions God

Jones talks about a "great quote he heard recently"

Leno yuks it up about the would-be robber's bad luck


 Just from "God" alone you would end up dead.

 i plan on calling out on friday its all good.

This is even worse than a shy everytime CACK is said on Spartacus! Who's down for the challenge? Phone Post

Shot excuse me. Damn iPhone keyboard. Phone Post

Jay asks Jon about being an "ultimate fighter"

Jon is asked if he's ever scared before a fight.

What's the funniest thing that ever happened to you in there?

When Jones begins his speech about wanting to be the mma posterboy, you gotta down a whole 4 locos. Get that 911 ready son son. Phone Post

I dunno Xeroxed I'd say there about even... cock. It's contagious. Phone Post

*they're... off night I'm having here. Phone Post

BrianStannFan -  Just from "God" alone you would end up dead.
God wouldn't let you die