Jon Jones on Steve-O's Wild Ride Podcast

Tried to post it from YouTube but it keeps acting up when I try.

It appears Jon was on there a day ago complaining about everything going on. Still watching it now, but so far it’s worth watching fellas.

One thing I’m immediately noticing too is Jon doesn’t really look any bigger at all, maybe a little in the shoulders/chest area.

Just wondering it anyone has watched all of it yet and their opinion.

Also, if someone more competent than myself could post the video for me that would be awesome!

Best part so far is Jon whining that he feels like Dana doesn’t like him lol…I wonder why. No one likes him for a reason.

This man has zero accountability. He digs his own grave.

Jon’s physique has been declining for a while. Age, drug testing who knows. But it has. He’s put on a solid 10 lbs of water weight and fat by eating a lot and lifting the last couple months. I made a thread about it the other day. The people that think he’s gotten so huge are out of their mind. Any 6 + foot tall 230 lb ripped athlete could bulk up to a softer 240 in no time if they wanted to. It’s not muscle.

I watch Steve-O’s clips all the time so get recommendations and saw some Jones stuff but haven’t watched yet.

Will have to check it out for hilarity.

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It’s been interesting so far. Even see where Jon is coming from a little, he just goes about things the wrong way and plays this entitled role and it doesn’t work.

He would already be making more if he hadn’t fucked up so many times, he would be the biggest draw in the sport easily.

Think he should take the 10 million, beat Francis, THEN demand more money when he has a valid reason to.

Right now he is too big of a risk for the UFC to take. And so far this interview is proving he hasn’t changed his perspective one bit.

it’s old. that was from last year. they just recently uploaded a clip from it but it’s an old podcast.

Yeah I fucked up lol saw the clip while I was out and about on my phone and figured it was new, my bad fellas!

Definitely says something though if Jon knew about this months ago and is just now making such a huge deal about it.

Like someone said in another thread, he should’ve tried renegotiating before putting on all the weight.

Listen, as soon as I saw Francis sprawl on Stipes shot, then sleep him 3 5 minutes later, I knew Jon Jones would immediately start talking about money. If Stipe won another 5 round decision over Francis, do you fags think that Jon would be asking for more money or would have just moved up to fight Stipe? He would have fought Stipe. Frank striked fear into the heart of us all… even Jon.

This podcast actually makes me like Jon a whole lot more. He came across as pretty cool here imo.

They do lines together?

Steve-O has been full sober for like 12 years or something now. Good for him.

Jon on the other hand…