Jon Jones ppv worth

Much is being said about Jones and his price to fight Francis Ngannou.

I assume Conor and others have their past ppv buys to justify his price.

What’s Jones’s average ppv buys as a main event?

UFC is a business and of course does play favorites but if Jones had a proven track record to justify 25 million, I’m sure Dana would write that check.

Bout tree fiddy.

I’ve seen many claim something along the lines of:

  • He’s moved up weight, he deserves it.
  • He is fighting a scary guy, he deserves it.

He only deserves what he brings in, revenue wise. Reviewing his PPV buy rates, he doesn’t ever break a million. In order to get to a 10 million payday, he’d have to hit 1.2-1.5 million PPV- this is based off of Eddie Alvarez leaked contract PPV stipulations.

Why doesn’t Jones setup his contract using the same structure?


I think Jones fight with DC was his biggest PPV (850K).

He seems to be in that 600K-800K range for the most part