Jon Jones Reveals He was Molested as a Child

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Jon Jones revealed that he was molested as a child and has things he needs to “deal with” following his recent domestic violence arrest.

The former UFC light heavyweight kingpin, Jones (26-1 MMA), was arrested last month on charges of battery, domestic violence, and injuring / tampering with a vehicle.

The incident occurred just hours after Jon Jones attended a Hall of Fame ceremony where his 2013 battle against Alexander Gustafsson was inducted into the UFC HOF.

‘Bones’ has been laying relatively low since posting bail. However, after news broke today that he was no longer welcome at the Jackson-Wink MMA gym, Jones quickly resurfaced on social media.
The incident occurred just hours after Jon Jones attended a Hall of Fame ceremony where his 2013 battle against Alexander Gustafsson was inducted into the UFC HOF.


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i mean

the man has the best excuses


Opportune time to bring this up


I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it turned out he’s lying.


Even if he was, no excuse for the horrible shit he does now.


We were all molested by him and Dana with that bullshit story about him catching a purse snatcher.


Man this guy take absolutely no responsibility for anything he does. It’s always some bullshit excuses or deflection. Always the victim and wanting people to feel sorry for him.


Events of late are really making me want to see Nganou send him to the shadow realm.


When he told the story at the press conference I didn’t like him then. Dropping Lyoto like he did didn’t help his case for me liking him and all the other stuff that followed too.

Now we have ANOTHER excuse for his behaviour. Takes no responsibility.


dropping Lyoto was so fucking negligent!



I’m with this guy!

They are so classic. These excuses are so ridiculous If I was told they were excuses Chevy Chase or Bill Murray had used for lines in an old Caddyshack flick i see no fucking reason not to believe that shit.

Im just talking out of my ass on nothing more than speculation, but all the interviews and stories I’ve heard over the years those that become DV perpetrators if anything had histories of alcoholism they witnessed by the male figure in their life and also witnessed their share of DV as well as taking more than a few bestdowns on their own. On the complete opposite site of all that. Young Child victims of sexual abuse tend to repeat the similar abuse on their own young prey. So if little Jon’s little bone was fondled or orally penetrated in an older males mouth it is far more likely Bones would love woman and had the abuse cycle kept going we would have heard of Jones fondling little boy penis, and some where little loads were actually unable to be held off and baby loads shot in his mouth numerous times

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And now I hate him even more.


I was shocked listening to gay friends that were legit friends back in the day and it was alarming how many were sexually abused by a family member or strange friend that their Pops invited that insisted on being called uncle Richard Johnson then listening to more interviews with the gay population as a much more mature man and generally curious how common place these molestations were and I cant say its even near a majority that were not abused but it certainly was very frighting from just the stories I knew from personal friends and data collected from countless documentaries and stories told that 60 to 75% had been molested by an older man at some point during youth. Some of the youth even recounted the abuse story as something positive and the very much enjoyed being shown the “how too” 5 by an older man.

I remember the self described right wing faggot who loves black dick being extremely grateful for being molested at a young age.

It seems in America ( and to be abundantly clear 25-40 year old woman are where my attractions always lead me and never once been into the young ones, ) straight people get obliterated in media and in the courtroom(rightfully so), but a gay person can openly sadomize, provide, recieve oral sex and just live their lives without fear.

My best friend to whom I am the godfather to his baby girl liked porn but it always stayed in acceptable genres until an adderall addiction lead to a major meth addiction the perverted his sexual impulses like I’ve never seen. I found where he was seemingly addicted to kiddy porn after drugs warped his brain, and he denies it but I found equipment to more than sufficient to create child porn. Either way he was acquiring insane amounts of child porn that to this day remains the sickest shit my eyes ever witnessed, and he was selling it all over the dark web and people he knew personally. I thought of my God daughter who was becoming of the age of the youngest girls in the videos. So I contacted the FBIand basically did what I needed to shut him down. Teams raided his moms house, his dads, his grandparents, his baby mamas house as well as her parents house and confiscated all video and computer equipment regardless if it was used or not. He is in a federal prison in Mississippi where he will not be released until 2030. It was between 15 to 20 years he recieved.