Jon Jones teases move to heavyweight

"On the subject of heavyweight, the dynamic New Yorker replied, “I can see that happening in 2012.”"

What do you guys think of this?

I think he would be much better at LHW, but if his body is stil growing and he's gaining alot more muscle mass, I just don't see it being physically possible to fight LHW.

 Maybe he could be the American Ubereem?

robbie380 -  Maybe he could be the American Ubereem?

 Impossible. Horse meat is illegal here. :)

I don't know about the accuracy of UFC's stats, but he's listed as 6'4, 80+ inch reach... not a bad frame for HW. Depends how he fills out as he gets older.

He needs to stay at LHW. Just too small for HW. Phone Post


I think if he doesn't move up, his body might start breaking down because of all the weight cuts. How much does he cut? Phone Post

 yyeeeaaaaaa rrriiiight

There is no way ... That would be suicide to his career

And I think he has the potential to be one of the best @ 205.

Matt Damon Phone Post

This isnt the first time he has talked about this. His older brother plays for the Baltimore Ravens and is two inches shorter than Jon and 315 lbs....JACKED.....His younger brother plays for Syracuse and is 6'6 there is plenty of size in his family.....I can see it happening.

American Standard - I think Jones is starting to buy into his own hype. I hope he gets his ass knocked out.

I think you dont know what the fuck you are talking about

he needs to stay at LHW with his his potential and his reach, size, skills etc. should make him the king at 205 for years to come. if he jumps to hw, i dont know if he's ready for cain, shane, jds and co.


he should move up if cutting to LHW gets too hard for him in the future. he would just have to gain muscle since his height and reach is already good enough to fight at HW.

He could be the greatest LHW that ever lived, and if Rashad gets that belt, he completely destroys what Jones is working for since Jones won't fight Rashad.

So pretty much if Rashad beats Shogun, we can expect Jones at heavyweight in the next couple of years.

If Rashad gets beat, then we can expect Jones to be the dominate champion at LHW for a long time.

Dont tell me that Jones at 225 vs Cain or Dos Santos wouldn't be awesome. Can't wait to see Jones progress. Dudes a beast. Phone Post

 I think he has the talent/size to do well at both.  Look at guys like Randy, Fedor, etc. for crying out loud.  Bones will succeed in either division although I'd like to see him get the title shot at LHW first.

If he wins the LHW title then whoops the shit out of the top guys as badly as he has whooped everyone else then he should go to HW...but not before that unless his cut is really bad...

He would have to pull an Ubereem and an Apocalypse Now - "never get out of the boat, unless you plan to go all the way."

Jones could be big, possibly 240-250. Why not go heavyweight if you can build that mass appropriately?

<blockquote>American Standard - "I think you dont know what the fuck you are talking about"<br /><br />Just my opinion, guy. I think he plays the humble angle but in reality he's getting cocky. If you choose to get upset and get your panties in a bunch, that's your decision and I wish you luck.</blockquote><br /><br /><br />I guess I should have used more tact...for that I 10 was showing. But what I meant to say is that the entire family is very very humble...his father is a preacher and I have follwed both brothers pretty extensively through their careers at Syracuse playing football. Here is an example, an article on his older brother Art;br /><br />