Jon Jones VS Gegard Mousasi

C'mon Zuffa, let's do this!!!!!

 big fan of Gegard, but he needs a year to get a few wins and work on his wrestling

yhknq - i like to watch champs fight top competition

not fringe top 10 guys
lol wut?


Jones via takedown/GnP

Would rather see Gegard vs. Luiz Cane


There's something about Mousasi that just screams 'wicked fighter' to me.

Go Zuffa, buy him asap!

yhknq - i like to watch champs fight top competition

not fringe top 10 guys
Gegard Mousasi, DREAM MW & LHW champ, former Strikeforce LHW champ.

Remember that dude that Jones fought at UFC 100... Jake O'Brien?

Yeah, it tooks Mousasi 30 seconds to choke him out. 

Bellator MW Champ Hector Lombard? Beaten. 

Strikeforce MW Champ Jacare? KO'd in 2 minutes.

Cyborg, guy that gave Diaz hell for two rounds? KO'd.

Babalu, Hunt, Kang, Goodridge, Sokodojou? KO'd or tapped. 

Musashi (Respectable K-1 guy)? Slapped by an MMA'er.

Kyotaro, K-1 Heavyweight champion? Whooped.

C'mon son!


TheSaver - Someone hasn't watched the Mo fight...

I did. Mousasi lost but he didn't look terrible, revisionist history is a funny thing. Jones is better than Mo, however, Jones style consists of high-risk manuevers, Mousasi is a fantastic counter striker. GSP has beaten Hughes, Koscheck, Alves, Fitch, Penn, Sherk, etc. but got KO'd by Matt Serra. This is MMA, we fight 'em for a reason bud...

If Jones can fight Bonnar, Gusmao, O'Brien, and Ryan Bader... he can sure as hell fight Mousasi.

 Thanks for pwning the fringe top 10 troll noob.

 The Mo fight was a slight anomaly and it's not like he was 'beaten'. Just lost a decision. I would pick him in a rematch.

that would be an awesome fight

Gegard would be on his back and stopped in the first

It is amazing the amount of hate that Mousasi receives on here, the vast majority of people here seem to define Mousasi's career solely on the basis of his fight with King Mo and disregard every other fight of his.

 ^ Yep.

As a former 'pride hater' and 'UFC shill'...

...I'm utterly shocked by the general opinion of Mousasi. He's a fuckin weapon, did these folks see his K-1 matches?

I'd rather see him against Shogun.

I just want to clarify that are some of you suggesting that Mousasi should be ranked in the LHW top 10?

Mousasi should definetly be ranked in the top 10 at LHW.

Isn't Gegard smaller than Shogun? If he is, he's not winning the fight...At all. Phone Post

Chappie - Mousasi should definetly be ranked in the top 10 at LHW.

Based on his wins over?

13 hours ago
I'd rather see him against Shogun.

For sure. Great fight, but Shogun wins by pressure and fucking up Gegard's rhythm with his wacky timing, IMO. If it gets to the ground, Shogun's got the edge by agility and aggressive transitioning that won't allow Gegard to set anything up and when he tries he'll get tagged with GnP... If Shogun's in shape, he'll never stop attacking and the way Shogun throws is very difficult to counter. And if you can counter him, it's likely to not have much behind it because his timing and distance with those wild hooks are fantastic. Not saying Gegard isn't a formidable opponent, but Shogun wins by pressure and overwhelming Gegard. Shogun's weakness is a bigger, stronger grappler. Against smaller strikers, he's dominated, always...Just my opinion. I'm a big Mousasi fan and he can win, but the odds are in Shogun's favor. Phone Post