Jon Jones vs Israel Adesanya who wins?

If we actually got to see the battle between the the middleweight & light heavyweight champion Jon Jones vs Israel Adesanya who would win?


Jones, way to big. His reach would cause Adesanya a lot of problems on the feet and I'd imagine he would take him down relatively ease and smash him on the floor

Would be interesting, but Jones won't be champ for much longer. Too much talent coming up the pipe! Johnny Walker is the future! Rakic is the future! Reyes is the future! Adesanya will step up and find there are beasts more dangerous than Jones waiting for him at. 205. Adesanya has the size to go up if he wants, and he would be 6'4" just like Jones, so it won't be that bad for him. The wrestling is the biggest adversity he'd face against Jones, because if he can't stop the takedowns hellbows will make it a long night for him. Jones will try to crowd Adesanya's work and hit him with elbows and outwork him. Idk if Adesanya can win, but I know he has the striking advantage on paper. Santos had Jones afraid of his power. 

Jones smashes him



Jones all day


Jones now.


3-5 years from now? Who knows.

They both have enough to worry about in their own weight divisions at the moment

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Jones is just too big and his wrestling is too much for Izzy I think.

Adesanya definitely has the more polished striking but once it hits the mat none of that will matter.

Two years from now Izzy 

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Hard to say Jones for sure considering he just about got beat by a mid level former middleweight in his last fight. But he doesnt have the same aggressive style that Santos has. 

Jones, size

Izzy is good but if jones decided to take him down it'd be easy work

If jones gets him down some orbitals will need healing

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Jones and it's not remotley competitive 

Jones makes it look easy

Rangi -

Izzy, he has competed at 220lbs and won a tournament fighting 3 times a night over 3 nights. When has Jones done something like that?

Izzy is an actual fighter, Jones is a bully with sensitivity issues

Did you just imply that the GOAT is not an actual fighter?

Jones is one of my favourite fighters of all time but at this stage he coasts to a decision win in a pretty boring fight where he is never in danger. Juiced Jones suplexes him out of the cage.