Jon Jones vs. Stephan Bonnar

Rumored for the Super Bowl weekend UFC PPV.

Who takes this?


 Stephan all day...

 Great fight. Jones looked solid in his debut

Bonnar/Franklin would be good

Jones is still growing in the sport. Hard to believe he's got less than 15 months of training. He's also got a strong wrestling base and seems to be a powerful puncher.

That being said, Bonnar's got this in the experience factor. I think Jones could wind up taking him down and if he can avoid the sub, he could win this fight, but I still give the advantage to Bonnar.

As for fights I'd like to see and think would make some sense would be Bonnar- Jardine II and Jones versus Tim Boetsch.

 Bones via ghetto karate


Does he have a nickname? If not can it please be "The Martian Manhunter"?

Jones and The Bombsquad are a good match. Jones all the way.

 Amazing he beat a guy who was a huge prospect and has been training for many years under Renzo in Gusmao with so little MMA training

Bonnar by sub.


bonnar takes this. i think we'll get to see his ground game that we haven't seen a ton of.

Very interesting match-up.

 Im taking JJ all day long $$$$$$$$$$

Bonnar's boxing and ground game will be too much for Jones. Jones 's last opponent was a good match up for him. Bonnar is not.


Steroid Boner

I mean Stephan Bonner

Crooklyn - LOL! Jones is awesome. I see it going his way also.

Crooklyn are correct