Jon Jones

I was never a huge Jon Jones fan. I was sad when he whoop shogun. I always had respect for Jones since then. With that being said I would have respected him so much more if he would have saved UFC 151. Even if he would have lost I would have liked him more and realized he took the fight on 8 days notice to help the UFC. I think a lost would have got jones more fans and really his legacy would not have been affected. Gsp has lost the same with Anderson. Now with a full camp jones whoops sonnen but on 8 days anything could happen. Jones talks about big money fight could you imagine if sonnen won?? The rematch would be epic. I jus think Jones messed up this time.

Thoughts??? Phone Post

I think there may possibly be a back lash from the fans concerning Jones i wouldnt be suprised if U.F.C 152 had awful figures due to Jones being the headline against Belfort who most consider have zero chance. The hate for Jones is strong at the moment within the M.M.A community. There could possibly be a Prince Naseem scenario where everyone wants to tune in to see him get turned over by his oppponent though. There be alot of boo's during his next fight i.m.o and a very poor showing in figures i.m.o.