Jones -450 favorite in potential rematch with Gus

Per Bovada. I think that's a little insane, especially considering how close the first fight was.

That is crazy.

Attila - That is crazy.

Sweet post count

Kazp306 - 

That's a little extreme.... still thibk Jones has the edge, but give Alex some credit oddsmakers Phone Post

I think that if this fight actually gets confirmed, then the money will fly towards Gustafsson and come fight time the odds will be about even.

Let Greg Jackson work his magic. I think Jones wins convincingly next time. Phone Post

Should be closer to -300 I think. Phone Post 3.0

Good money to make on Gus at this point

value is on gustaffson.

Odds makers know that any decision will go to Jones due to one or more bought off judges.

Smart money is on Jones via sketchy decision.

What were the odds for the first fight? Phone Post

Jones was listed at -900 on the ppv.

Also interesting to note, I watched part of Monday's MMA hour and the first four guests scored the fight for Alex. Haven't watched more than that, so I don't know how the rest of the show went. Connor, Faber, Chael and Stone Cold Steve Austin (that's right) scored it for Gus.

Fucking amazing fight. Phone Post 3.0

Me and friends happily threw some dough on Gustafsson at around +720 when we were a bit drunk, in all the uproar we forgot about it. So when we finally cooled down after a couple of days we went "Oh yeah, we could have won plenty of money also". Gus paid around 7 times the bet, I don't know what Jones was at but I would imagine around -1100.

Sheesh after 5 rounds of even, back and fortha action, Jones may still be a 4.5 to 1 favorite? That's crazy.