Jones: Belfort not as versatile

 I can't stand Jon or Vitor but I can't deny their skills, so I'm still gonna go watch this fight live. As a fan of MMA, I have to watch both of these legends live at least once, before they retire.


And before I get flamed, yes Jon Jones is a legends already. Youngest champ, destroyed champ/former champs in his last 4 fights.

He's fought better people???? Lol no

He's more versatile?? No you're not, Jones has better wrestling and clinch game, that's it.

I can't wait till somebody ktfos Jones, he's turned into a really arrogant fighter who talks out of his ass

Some valid points about fighting a higher level of fighter on average, but Vitor Belfort fought at a time when there wasn't a lot video tapes on other fighters. They'd be lucky to get a VHS tape of a fight back then.

I think not being able to scientifically plan out a game plan before a fight is a pretty significant difference and a part of why Jon Jones is so successful today. He's an awesome fighter, but he makes extremely good decisions preparing for fights.

Master Roshi - pretty much JBJ is saying guys like stephen bonnar, ryan bader, and vladimir matyushenko are tougher guys than chuck liddell, randy couture, tito ortiz.

pretty much u dont know what the fuck u are watching and are stupid as can about...
rashad(who beat the shit out of tito and chuck,chuck in his prime off a 8ball was not taking that rt to the chin w/out a nap immediately after)
maybe machida(who beat the shit out of randy,captain america himself in prime was not taking that foot to the jaw w/out dropping)
or how about maybe rampage(who beat the shit out of chuck twice)
u ever heard of a guy named shogun before?

I'm not a fan of Jon Jones though I respect his athleticism & what he has accomplished in such a short time. I'm also not saying that Vitor will win this fight... but he does have the ability and I would home that Jon is not looking past him or taking him lightly.

As far as the Phenom, he has fought successfully and dominated at three weight classes from middleweight to heavyweight. I would love to see Jon fight at heavyweight but he needs to grow hair on his nuts not his face before he looks down on Belfort’s skills.

I'm sorry but that Chael photo with him wearing the Diaz quote made me laugh my a$$ off!!! Great pic! Thank you for sharing that!