Jones doesn't want Machida rematch

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                                Jones doesn't want Machida rematch

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"I don't want to fight Lyoto Machida," Jones said. "He was my lowest pay-per-view draw of last year.

"No one wants to see me fight Lyoto Machida. I don't want to fight Lyoto again. Lyoto is high risk and low reward.

"He's a tough fighter, but no one wants to buy that fight.

"Between (Mauricio) Shogun (Rua), (Quinton) Rampage (Jackson) and Rashad (Evans), Lyoto was my lowest draw. Why would I want to fight someone where it's a lose-lose situation? "I won't make money on it. And he's a tricky fighter."

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interesting. $$$ talks again

 for once jones is 100% right. Nobody wants to see machida go to sleep again, especially so soon after the last time

Chael/Jones will be a huge seller and they both clearly want that fight

But he turned down a fight with Anderson Silva where he would have made Anderson Silva money

Well that's okay because HENDO will fight Machida. Phone Post

Welcome to the final piece in the "just like boxing" template.

Champs picking fights based on perceived draws.

Sonnen-Jones is slotted for Memorial Day or July 4th anyhow depending on injuries.

It's coming.

Just like a virgin on prom night.

You're getting it whether you want it or not. Phone Post

It's not about skill anymore it's about money! The new UFC ROCKS

"He is high risk and low reward."

head explodes

"I don't think it's appropriate to be talking about fighting anybody but Dan Henderson," Jones said. "I'm clearly focused on Dan Henderson. I'm not overlooking Dan."

head explodes again

I... I have nothing negative to say for once besides I want to see that fight if he gets through Hendo. But he makes a fair point. Even some of the hardcore base has already written off interest in Machida. I disagree strongly, but it is true. Phone Post

Holy shit, just lost alot of respect for this dude.

I think Its a legit rematch but jones makes a good point. Phone Post

After Rampage, Machida is the least appealing rematch to me. The first fight wasn't exciting and I don't see anything different Lyoto can do except play keep away for 25 mins and hope for a decision win.

 Machida wasnt featured on fox before you last fought him...  Now everyone wants to choose their opponents... da heck is happening here.

To a certain degree I agree though that it's too soon for Machida.  Machida should be fighting Shogun for the next shot and Gustaffson should be fighting Rashad.

Cormier should fight Jones next.

Jones is right though--Jones/Machida wont do good #s at all. Machida isnt much of a draw and they fought a year ago with a decisive/non-controversial finish.

He doesnt want that fight because he knows Machida has the tools to take him out. Jon Jones is smarter than we think.

Masakyst - But he turned down a fight with Anderson Silva where he would have made Anderson Silva money

Good point... Phone Post

Alpha World Peace -
Masakyst - But he turned down a fight with Anderson Silva where he would have made Anderson Silva money

Good point... Phone Post

You would think a high risk, very high reward fight would be better than a high risk, low reward fight... Phone Post

What is everyone complaining about? He's being totally honest, and classy. He's saying that Machida will be a tough fight, and no one will watch it.

He could have said that Machida has lost three of his last five fights, going to sleep in two of them, and only won one fight since losing to Jones. That also would have been true. It's not like Machida has been lighting up the division recently.

Machida doesnt even deserve a rematch. Phone Post

If it quacks Phone Post