Jones: God meant for hit and run to happen.

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lol. I've heard this whole god meant for this to happen angle plenty of times before but....can't say this was god's master plan to get JJ straight.

"This may sound weird, but I believe that God meant for what happened to happen," Jones said.. "I know a lot of people may twist this or look at it like, 'Why would God put this girl in a car accident with you? That's a selfish way of thinking.' But since that happened, so much good has happened in a lot of people's lives. I've been able to reach thousands of kids."


Whole interview

Whoaaaa! Fuckin' God man! He's alright. Phone Post 3.0

Clearly he's turning his life around. This is a new Jon Jones, everybody! Phone Post 3.0

God got him the last drama too? Phone Post 3.0

"I've been able to reach thousands of kids."

Yeah man, you're such a great role model. Me, me, me. Phone Post 3.0

Confirmation that God is still an asshole. Phone Post 3.0

Such a classic way of absolving yourself of any responsibility for wrong choices. If it was a divine plan you can't question his character, right? God just wanted him to go out there and get some juvenile fans.

God wanted me to do that extra coke line.

ThinkMMA - "I've been able to reach thousands of kids."

Yeah man, you're such a great role model. Me, me, me. Phone Post 3.0
Narcisse should be his new nickname Phone Post 3.0

God willed him to get away with that incident with no jail time, too.

So God meant for a pregnant woman to have her arm broke and be scared for her unborn baby's health?

Fucking Idiot

There is no forgiveness (in Christianity) without... Repentance!

"This typically includes an admission of guilt, a promise or resolve not to repeat the offense; an attempt to make restitution for the wrong, or in some way to reverse the harmful effects of the wrong where possible"

NOT TO REPEAT THE OFFENSE. You hear that Jon? Have you resolved not to repeat the offense? And we don't mean literally crashing into another pregnant woman.

Hell, I'm not even sure I heard his admission of guilt.

I think he's been a complete idiot with all his opportunities so far, but this is really out of context. Read the entire interview and then make up your mind. I wanna believe he is sincere and is trying to change. He's got a long way to go but I hope he makes it. Phone Post 3.0

Religion is a hell of a drug.

Yeah, that was quoted way out of context. If you read be whole interview, and that quote is from the very end of it, he spends 75% of it saying that he is to blame, he fucked up, he made bad choices, he had drug and alcohol problems, he's an asshole, people have the right to hate him, etc. He didn't just say it was all God's plan.... So that's my excuse.

I'm not even a Jon Jones fan. I think he's been a really shitty person. But quoting that, and that only, is wayyyy out of context. Phone Post 3.0

Gladiator12 - I met him one time and spend two days with him and others.
He's a complete douchebag
If God exists what's his plan to make him such an idiot hahah?! Phone Post 3.0
Give us the details. Phone Post 3.0

Jones would be an awesome pro wrestler for real...

It's always someone else's fault with him Phone Post 3.0

Shit thread everyone here missed the point. Phone Post 3.0

Gladiator12 -
Gladiator12 - deleted because I said I met him and he is an idiot? this place is a joke hahaha Phone Post 3.0
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so I think this place is a joke still is right.
get your app straight kirik Phone Post 3.0
Stop complaining and beat it then ;) Phone Post 3.0