Jones has been lying to the fans for a decade and ESPN takes a subtle dig about it


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Good finding


Then he sparred Overeem and decided to stay at 205

The latest claims of moving up are only because he got stripped/banned for more PED usage


Well a couple of suspensions and wife beating events will derail your timing a little. Geesh


Someone like overeem would be really bad matchup for Jones. strong sprawl / decent wrestling and has height / reach with KO power.


I think that is a big part of what ppl are missing that makes me think he wont do so well at HW: most of his natural advantages go away.

And with Ngannou, Jon’s biggest weakness is his boxing degense, what is Francis’s biggest strength?


Lot of really bad matchups for him at HW

Big frames always gave him trouble, the two guys his size arguably beat him on points but Jon got the nod via champ/vegas bias.

Plus Jon doesn’t like to get punched hard and at HW it only takes one to change the fight.

Take away the eye pokes and he will be tasting leather, and that might just end the fight.

I don’t see him doing groundwork on most of the upper tier HWs either.


He also want taking ppl down at will anymore ajd Gusto took him down a few times.

A lot harder to toss somene pushing 265lbs+


He’s been busy doing other things than fighting and training. In 2012 he crashed his Bentley with a backseat full of strippers. And said he’d learn from his mistakes. 2015 he hit and run a pregnant woman and left a car with marijuana, a pipe, and wad of cash in it. Ran back to get the cash, stuffed it down his pants, and bolted out of there running. 2020 he got arrested for driving while intoxicated and firing guns. 2021 his fiancé of 9 years left him after he beat her up at a Vegas hotel room. Same night he also assaulted the hood of a police patrol vehicle, leaving a medium sized dent and chipped paint.


Jon Joseph beats Francis. He will never be the same after his knee surgery. It’s bad enough as it is, but weighing 270+lbs and being over 35 basically killed his career.

I don’t think Cereal Gains has the wrestling to keep Jon off him.

Can Francis stop a JBJ takedown?

Will Jones risk getting close enough to attempt one ???

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Yes, he stuffed Stipe badly in the second fight and reversed him. Jones would have to get him tired.

I’m not sure if this fight actually happens though.

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JBJ is bigger, faster, younger, longer and has less miles on him than Stipe. Francis is only getting older

Didn’t that guy used to fight?

He took DC down, wasn’t DC one of the best wrestlers in the heavyweight division?


If Jon comes out like he did earlier in his career with crazy spinning shit and Greco-Roman takedowns, he will TKO pretty much everybody with his elbows on top. He definitely doesn’t have the hands to hurt the top tier bigger guys, but he has to utilize those steep kicks, and knees if he can get into the clinch unscathed.

DC, Brandon Vera, Ryan Bader, Rampage were way better heavyweight wrestlers than pretty much anybody competing right now. He took them down and brutally finished all of them. Even Hamil and Vitor fought at HW and were strong af and Jon got on top and stopped all of them. His strength won’t be a problem at all, but once he feels that HW power he might freeze up. Just my take.


Brunson is a better wrestler than Jan but look at how Izzy’s fight played out against them respectively. Being the bigger man helps tremendously in the wrestling especially with Jones’ style of wrestling where he had trouble taking down guys as tall as him. He’s had trouble taking down guys in general in his more recent fights and he’s only older.

Francis is going to stuff a couple of his early shots for sure. The early portion of the fight will be extremely dangerous for Jon and if he can somehow survive 2 rounds things will start to become much more advantageous for him.


Remember when people said Ngannou wouldn’t be able to defend Gane’s Takedowns? Then Ngannou stuffed them all and doninated.


Jones is 260. Id say he’s big lol