Jones: I'd fight Evans again, just to finish him

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                                Jones: I'd fight Evans again, just to finish him

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"I'd give Rashad Evans a rematch," Jones said at a Q&A session with UFC Fight Club members prior to Friday's UFC on FOX 6 weigh ins in Chicago. "So I could finish him this time."

Jones (17-1) and Evans (17-2-1) first met in a highly anticipated bout for the UFC light heavyweight championship at UFC 145 in April 2012. Jones dominated the bout, winning essentially every round en route to a unanimous decision victory on the judge's scorecards.

While Jones was impressive in the fight, landing a number of standing elbow strikes rarely seen before in mixed martial arts (MMA), the champion later admitted he was not his best that night and lacked the "killer instinct" that has led him to 14 finishes out of his 17 professional victories.

"With Rashad, I think a part of me saw a guy that I had sparred against, and I don't know - some of those elbows were definitely malicious, but my killer instinct was just not there for some reason." Jones said on a UFC conference call last September. "I was more focused - and I hate to say this - on just winning that fight. I'm not going to sit here and say I took it easy, but there was something in my bones that didn't allow me to really, really try to really hurt him and I think that was a small part about why I couldn't finish Rashad."

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I'd rather see Shad go to MW

Hes still in lub Phone Post

MachidasStraightLeft -

I'd rather see Shad go to MW

Not until he fights jones/machida again. Phone Post

Their fight was hood bit I've seen much better from rashad. If they fought again and rashad utilizes his striking AND wrestling the fight will be much different. Suga by tko in the rematch!!! Phone Post

*good Phone Post

I'd say that lack of killer instinct against Rashad was him knowing he shouldnt have agreed to fight his own teammate, especially an older one who was apparently his friend and had no intention of fighting him. Guilty conscious IMO.

Officer Farva -

Hashad via swag Phone Post

Officer Farva - 

Lord have mercy on his cock!