Jones: 'Little moments' bringing Dana & I closer

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                                Jones: 'Little moments' bringing Dana & I closer

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"Well, being in this business you learn to have tough skin and not take everything so personal. It is whatever. Dana says things and he says whatever is coming to his head and you can't blame him for it.

Maybe sometimes I say diva-ish things, maybe I don't, maybe we just always don't agree to things, but we're learning each other and I honestly feel all our little moments are just bringing us closer together."

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'little moments' romoshop in 3 2 1...

Ah yes, the little moments, like that time he fed me an easy win against a 185er and made it the focus of a national TV show.


WTF Is this?? Brad Paisley???

I actually like we built this city, so my hell would be Jones' conversation in that elevator ruining Starship for me forever! Phone Post

He forgot to add in a no homo. Phone Post

I'm sorry Jones, but Dana will teach you 1000 things before you will ever have anything to teach him. 


Dana's wisdom > Bones' wisdom

He and Ronda are easily the most annoying 2 fighters in mma. Can wait for both if them to get chin checked Phone Post



Nothing I hate more than some Jonny Bones Phone Post

yellow's Overseer - Nothing I hate more than some Jonny Bones Phone Post

And his Dana "closeness" Phone Post