Jones mocking Anderson Silva during fight.

Anyone else remember Jones trying to copy Anderson when he opens his palms and looks like he's trying to confuse and distract his opponent?

Was he trying to get in Machida's head or sending a message to Anderson? Phone Post

I dont think it was intended for Anderson... fighters have been doing that b4 Silva

No way that was a mock towards Anderson...

JBJ stole my bike

i think it was more like paying homage

The dude throws all sorts of wannabe Anderson strikes.


I remember that and it looked like Machida was doing some interesting things with his hands too.   i thought they were going to start playing patty cake.

More swagger jacking by bones..


Swagger Jacking Anderson. Unfortunately for him Machida trains with Anderson plenty and when Jones tried that patty-cake shit Machida responded in kind and then smacked him in the face.

The JBJ hate is reaching new lows. Some of you are such jealous little bitches its laughable.

ProteinPower - Oh im unbanned for posting the TMZ Hendo story! My life is complete...

Really? Pretty lame to ban for linking a story. Reasons like this are why I don't get a blue name anymore.

I saw him throw an overhand right I wonder if he was mocking chuck Liddell ? Oh and those leg kicks ! Must have been taking the piss out of shogun! Why doesn't he just fight with new stuff that nobody has done before like flying butt strikes? Phone Post

first rashad's suit, now anderson's hand movements!

what's next? global warming and same sex marriage?

jon jones you are destroying my country, I want my country back jon jones

how fucking dare you

Don't forget that he jacked the Matt Serra one hand cartwheel too. Phone Post


sakurabas ear - Don't forget that he jacked the Matt Serra one hand cartwheel too. Phone Post

Thats fucked up bro....I also saw where he wore the same suit as Anderson to a press event!!

but a butt-strike would be swagger-jacking mark hunt...

he stole Kevin Durant's arms too

 I think the TS needs to look up the definition of Mock vs. Copy/Mimic.

LMAO@ "ImGladUMad" trying SOOOO hard to troll in every thread but getting shut down.