Jones / Page Cardio

 Albuquerque = 5,312 ft

Denver = 5,130-5,680 ft

Elevation shouldn't be a factor for either fighter,

since Page has been in Denver for weeks and Jones in Albuquerque.

So what say you UG? Will Cardio play a role?

 I think cardio might play a role and it'll favor Rampage if it does. Jones has looked gassed a few times and I think he might lack cage composure. JBJ will probably end it quick, so this won't be a factor, but I don't think he's a cardio machine and fights with too much emotion and effort.

Both Page's and Jones' gas tanks have been exposed in the past, so depending on how much cardio they've improved more likely it will play a factor. But really depends on the action of the fight.

If they fought on the shores of the Dead Sea, they both would probably gas.

Nope they both have same type of cardio IMO Phone Post

Rampage should be training to improve his cardio more than anything else. If you can survive the first three rounds with Jones I think he is beatable. Cuts a lot of weight. Phone Post