Jones requested Teixeira drug tests

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                                Jones requested Teixeira drug tests

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                    <p><span style="line-height: 1.6em;">UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones fights&nbsp;Glover </span>Teixeira<span style="line-height: 1.6em;"> at UFC 172 on April 26 in Baltimore. The pair were recently subject to out of competition testing. Now <a href="" target="_blank">ESPN</a>&#39;s <a href="" target="_blank">Brett&nbsp;Okamoto</a>&nbsp;is reporting that the testing was done in response to a request from Jones.</span></p>


"Some fighters, you just know they're not on anything just by looking at them," said Jones. "Part of (Teixeira's) mystique is his amazing physical strength and I just questioned it. I have no reason to think he's on steroids but I do wonder how someone can be so strong."

"I'm sure I've fought other guys in the past on steroids, I think it's pretty well-documented. A lot of people haven't really argued with it because they know it's a true statement. I know it's a true statement."

"I called Dana White and said, 'Hey, I want Glover to take steroid tests for this fight.' He asked me, 'What, you think he's on steroids?' I told him I don't know and I have no reason to accuse him of anything but I would like to be sure.

"Dana told me how the Georges and Johny Hendricks thing became one big cluster because Georges wanted Johny to be tested by a certain company. He recommended I not go that way and talk to the commission directly so I said, 'OK.' "

Jones was asked if he will continue to ask for random testing.

"Not necessarily," he said. "I just thought I would have Glover tested because he's not the youngest fighter and everyone raves about how strong he is."

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Lol. Jon Jones is SCARED!

Also, I'm curious who he thinks was on steroids that he has fought before?

Scared Phone Post 3.0

Jesus fucking Christ... Phone Post 3.0

Bonner, vitor, sonnen???? Phone Post 3.0

Here we go Phone Post 3.0

Seriously? Phone Post 3.0

Scared? You guys know he's fighting him, right?

And what's the issue here? He asked the commission for random testing, which included himself. If you idiots pay attention, there was a thread here a couple weeks ago how Jones was randomly tested. He asked the commission months ago and they tested both he and Glover at random times.

Why is it an issue for him to request this but GSP is a pioneer because he wants additional, random testing?

I'm not saying he's cheating, but.....

SMH Phone Post 3.0

Jones just can't comprehend real power because he has pillow fists, and twig legs.

And pillow toes.

IN b4 Shitstorm of Hate

if it's one thing bones knows is how to make people hate him

"I don't have any reason to think he's on roids but please test him"


WRESTLENOW - IN b4 Shitstorm of Hate
In B4 5000 "The Jones hate is pathetic" posts. Phone Post 3.0

WRESTLENOW - IN b4 Shitstorm of Hate

Too late.

If he thinks that Gus' punches hurt. Wait til April 26th, Jon "broken bones" Jones.

DoomFarmer - Jesus fucking Christ... Phone Post 3.0


What amazing physical strength has Glover shown? I mean, above and beyond the others in his weight class?

Clearly he's very powerful, but it never occurred to me he was heads and shoulders above the top guys in that dept. Is he stronger than Rampage, for instance? I really doubt it.

Jones just doesn't seem to be a likable guy at all. Phone Post 3.0

I don't really see what's wrong with this. Sure not the greatest motives since I'd rather see a desire for testing every time but whatever.

Also what is up with fans constantly accusing these amazing fighters of being scared? GSP has been called scared, Penn has been called scared, Condit has been called scared, Andy was called scared for forever, Aldo gets called scared. Then they go out each time and actually get in the cage with a trained killer and beat them up Phone Post 3.0

Good for Bones. He'll have no excuses when Glover KO's him, and then, we don't have to put up with another gimme rematch (Andy Silva).

When the new Champ Glover faces Alex, I don't know who I will want to win though. I like both fellars. I suppose Alex just so we get a Swedish champ in there, but either way, I'm cool. They are both salt of the Earth people. Unlike Jones.