Jones vs DC: Using WWE playbook?

I wonder how much of the Jones vs DC is orchestrated? Their animosity towards each other is starting to seem over the top.

BUT I can't be mad at them trying to sell the fight.

They are doing an excellent job selling this fight as I have been anticipating UFC 182 for some time now.

I can help but wonder if the UFC aids in the fabricated drama. Its highly successful formula for "pro" wrestling.

It reminds me of the embarrassing drama between Tito and Bonnar Bellator 131 fight


Does others notice this as well.

While I don't think it's nearly as laughable as the "pulling the mask off a guy" stunt Bellator pulled, I wonder if the personal hate is legit. I just wanna see this fight already.. it's got me pumped. Doing something right. Phone Post 3.0