Jones vs glover : My Take

The way i see it, and im sure a lot of you do too, is that glovers got a pinchers chance. Hes gotta work the jab and get on the inside while avoiding the cinch of jones. If he can connect with jones' jaw he can put him out, or at the very least rock him and use that to move the fight to his advantage.

We have also seen that glover has a pretty decent top game. Im not sure his takedowns are there but i said the same about gus. If by some chance he can take jones down and keep him there, if only for a minute, he has a good chance of raining down some hellish GnP, wich would not end well for Jones (see Fabio Maldonado). Now, i know what your thinking 'Maldonado isn't jones' while that's true, glover is glover and he has dynamite in his hands.

I don't expect glover to rather this fight, honestly. The very best thing that i think cab happen for glover, besides ko'ing Jones, is bringing it to a decision. Win or lose glover would show he can hang with the big boys for five rounds. Now that brings me to the topic of glovers cardio. A lot of people believe glovers cadrio is suspect, but glover is a pro, and he is training for a five round fight, so i believe he'll be ready to go five rounds.

My realistic prediction : jones by 2/3 round sub.

My dream prediction : glover by 5th round ko, after a closely contested fight. Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

glover will not last! Phone Post 3.0

fingerbanger - glover will not last! Phone Post 3.0
Hey, you're probably right. But hes got a bettr chance than people are giving him Phone Post 3.0

Dunno mang - I just watched Jones v Vitor and despite that early armbar I thought he really had, Belfort was systematically shut down by Jones. Belfort's got quick hands and good kicks, and barely touched him

Those meniscus slicer side kick thigh stomps - loopy jabs.

I just don't see Glover being able to really impose any variant of his game on Jones - and he will get pounded and ground out if he takes it to the ground.

I would love to see King Jones get KTFO, and if Glover can touch him, it could be a bad night for Bones - I just don't see it.

Jones by Reach Advantage.

fingerbanger - glover will not last! Phone Post 3.0

I can just picture Jones walking backward with his arms extended and finger's out keeping Glover at bay anytime he tries to advance. I don't think it will be very pretty for Glover but hopes he KO's Jones.

I'd like Glover to win, but he wont get inside that reach and Jones cardio will push him.