Jones would beat Cain

Cain clinches too much. He would eat elbow after elbow plus be thrown. Gus avoided the clinch like a plague that's why he didn't get taken down much. But Cains pace is amazing he would get stronger as the fight goes on.

I just think a 240 pound bones has Cains number stylistically. I just don't see Cain being able to push/ hold bones against the cage. Jones throws him on his head Phone Post 3.0

Jones would get wrestle fucked......

No...just no.

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Although Cain is one of the smaller HW's I'm the division, he just might be the strongest. Jones can't stop his attack, no way. His best shot would be to get a KO early, just like JDS, and he doesn't hit like JDS Phone Post 3.0

Jones doesn't like being on the defensive. I think he would get flustered by Cain very quickly. Phone Post

Gin Tonic - Jones doesn't like being on the defensive. I think he would get flustered by Cain very quickly. Phone Post

This. Jones would be able to handle Cains ritmo, hombre. Phone Post

Chuckliddellstein - Sounds like you were thrown on your head. I kid, I I see your reasoning, sir. Although I do disagree, I think that Cain constantly moves forward and uses his ridiculous cardio to take the fight to Jones. Jones can't use his kicks or his reach quite as effectively moving backwards. That would take Jones out of his game in my opinion. I also think Cain would be too strong in the clinch for him. If he's able to hold a monster like Junior then I think he could hold Jon and tire him out for the duration on the fight. Phone Post 3.0
Junior doesn't have bones throws nor wrestling. Coming straight forward and pushing non stop just sets up Greco roman throws.

Cains pace would be a nightmare for anyone though. Bones would land more elbows in the clinch. No one dominates or controls the clinch on bones. You just flat out avoid it. Phone Post 3.0

bobby browns - Jones is better then jds at using his distance and circling away from the cage. I'm sure Greg Jackson could think of a good strategy like the Carlos Condit/Diaz fight. I will think Cain will win but outside of JDS I give Jones the best chance Phone Post 3.0
I agree. I think it would be a good fight and the longer it goes the more it's in Cains favor Phone Post 3.0

Cains hands are better but honestly jones all around wrestling with shots and everything included is better. Bones clinch is more dangerous your not going to want to spend 70 % of the fight there like he did with JDS. Jones would throw bow after bow after bow. The reach would play a factor but Cains got the cardio and pace to fluster Jones for sure. Phone Post 3.0

Hahahahahahahahaha Phone Post 3.0

Lol no. Cain wrecks jones Phone Post 3.0

Stan Wang - JDS has a shot against Cain because of his one punch KO potential. Jones does not have that. Jones does not have any chance against Cain.
Jones hasn't needed one shot KO power to destroy every other fighter he's wrecked. Your logic is flawed Phone Post 3.0

Fryedtakyama owns me, it's normal - Lol no. Cain wrecks jones Phone Post 3.0
Bones wrecks Cain.

Why don't you try to address my points. That would be a start Phone Post 3.0

I doubt Cain would play a clinch game with Jones. He would just throw punches and then shoot for a double leg when the opportunity arises.

IMO the divisions are getting better by division. Penn went up early took the ww title didn't have success later on at as at all. Then gsp rules ww talks mw changes his mind. Anderson rules mw tests the water at lhw is successful but realized the division has advanced with the likes of jones and stays at mw. None a has been taking about heavy and I think soon enough hai ribs will change to staying at lhw because hw is getting legit. Cains a monster Phone Post 3.0

Nope Phone Post 3.0

I'm a JJ fan but he finally fought someone his size in the mauler, and he got taken down. Cain would get the td. Hs is a different animal Phone Post 3.0

Hs=hw Phone Post 3.0

jones would die vs cain. no question imo. cain is a monster, would take him doen and smash him. like gusstefson but with brutal GNP. like a young tito. lmao.

How does it feel to be a fucking idiot? Phone Post 3.0