@jonjones - bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

check out his twitter.   People think he is bone jones so he gets lots of tweets at him.   His response is so funny.  He makes a lot of good posts. 

The guy milks it for what it's worth.  My favorite line from him when he starts getting a shit load of notifications....."Jon Jones must have fucked up again.".  HAHA!  He's kept a bunch of the DM's and put them on a blog.  Sad that people can't run a quick Twitter search for the REAL Jon Bones Jones.  Idiots.


His tumblr blog is hilarious!




Lol bruh

My bad nig lol





Cracking up. Could a whiter guy exist?

Ha! Good stuff.

I just followed him on Twitter... his responses are gold.

Yeah I follow that guy on twitter. He's a liberal douche bag and posts a lot of bull shit, but every time Jon Jones fucks up its worth it following him. The tweets he gets are sooooo fucking funny 


My bad nig lol