Jordan laughing at Lebron

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Internet has no chill ?? (Via u/bigballer1234/Reddit, thedogdoctor67, h/t: @theScore)

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Don't really know what's going on but I am laughing as well. 

Only reasonable reaction he could have. I mean, it’s probably one of the dumbest things Lebron has ever said and he’s not a smart man. 

i dont know why they make fake videos like this 

jordan was laughing cuz he was watching gary payton talking shit but they cut it in with something lebron said 

If you read what people say about Jordan online, you'd think he's a massive asshole, but once I actually watched his clips of what he says, I completely changed my opinion. He's great! And I really respect him for staying out of politics (he mentions that in "The Last Dance") and not being another "activist" celebrity.

That's him laughing at Isaiah's bullshit excuse for not shaking hands after they bounced the Pistons from the playoffs.