Jorge Gurgel vs Joe Jordan

Thats right, we might be fighting in March. I got the call today and it looks like we will both be in a 4 man tournament at 155lbs.. So we might meet up. A lot could happen between now and then but I'm looking forward to this match-up........Joe Jordan

*What do you all think. Good fight.......

good fight

the difference is Jordan can fight.

Place? Show?

Wouldn't this fight be Team Extreme (Jorge) vs. Team Miletich Fighting Systems (Joe)?

The Cincy - Lex. Showdown. I LOVE IT

Can anyone tell me more details When? Where?

budevil, chill dude, Joe is just teling us. there's nothing wrong with that. He's stoked on it. he ain't promoting nothing. Besides, there's nothing wrong with promoting yourself in the fight business. If you don't who will.

i hope you bring your best game...jorge has crazy jiu jitsu...nothing but respect for him.

what's wrong with hyping your own fight?

I think Joe can get the TKO in this fight.

Joe isn't hyping - he's just telling us. I for one am interested to hear.

What venue? Joe, do you have any fight footage on the web anywhere?

Good fight.. I would like to see that one live.

Great fight! Both cool guys....both guys can fight!

good luck gurgel is tough as a mofo


Good Luck Joe.

Thanks for the word Joe.

Here's where all your hard work is going to start really paying off.

I'd have to go with Jordan on this one, I dont think Jorge can take him down. Not trying to bash on anyones skills but Jordan is HARD to take down

Bottom Line is this would be a battle of two of the nicest guys in the sport. I met both Joe (Joe's student was actually fighting the guy I was conering) and Jorge at ICE 3 and they were both incredibly friendly and respectful guys. Don't know who to root for. Good Luck to both.


Ttt for Joe

I want on that card so I can see it live!