Jorge Gurgel vs Joe Jordan

Who is the promoter.. i would like to get in that tourney

Man of Steel..

Sounds like a good fight ... Jorge will probably be training like mad to put on a good show after his last fight.

Most of you seem to be 50/50 on who will win. Thats great! Jorge Gurgel resides in my home town of Middletown,OH. I moved away 6 years ago.

Jorge and I have meet before and he is a nice guy with great skills. I was the Ref. in Ohio when he took apart Luke Spencer. So I saw the fight from the best seat in the house. Jorge is for real.

If I keep it standing and my hands up, the fight will be fun to watch..........Joe Jordan

Joe, any idea where the fight will be held?


This is news to me! I just spoke to Jorge yesterday, and he did not say anything about this. However, I will be is "there"? I guess I can contact Jorge for more info.

As for my pick......I like Joe and I think he has some very credible wins and outstanding Wrestling skill. BUT, I don't see how Jorge could lose 2 in a row!

Jorge via Submission!

Dustin Ware

Team Ground Zero / Jorge Gurgel

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The Cincy - Lex. Showdown. I LOVE IT"

I now live in Iowa and I train at the MFS center. Our new gym will be open Jan. 12th. Thats good because I'm getting fat and I will need the time to get ready for Jorge Gurgel.

I did live in Lex, Ky.. Before that, I went to school in Monroe, OH. Thats next door to Middletown, OH.


It just dawned on this show going to take place in Middletown!!!


How far is Middletown from say Huntington?

Sorry Joe, I have to agree with Dustin. I think Jorge will pull out the submission, especially after coming off his loss.I'm biased too , good luck. ;)


2.5 hours. I drive it one a month!

Where are you going to start training with us at Ground Zero?


I don't see how Jorge could lose 2 in a row!

Who did he lose to?


He lost in Japan in early December in the ZST 16-man tourney. He lost to Masakazu Imanari.

He just lost by footlock to a shooto fighter in Japan.
I don't see how he could lose two in a row either...but I'll be there to watch :)


I train with Phil up in Morgantown right now. I may be moving to Huntington after this summer. I graduate in May, and the public defender's office where Ashley Lockwood works is supposed to have an opening. I don't know Ashley, but I'll probably be e-mailing him soon to ask if that's true, what it's like, etc. I also have family down there (I was born in Louisa).

At a Royce seminar last year, I trained with a girl who's a blue under Jorge in Ohio, she and everyone else I've ever talked to has a very high opinion of him, so I always root for him, look for his results, etc. It'd be cool to actually get to train with him and the rest of you guys.

Damn.. I know Joe well.. and have met Jorge a couple of times.. and seen him fight a time or two.. This will be a great fight! If it is in Middletown, I will be there!

Good fight... ttt

Dustin Ware, Monte called me up the other day and offered me a fight in SuperBrawl or this fight. I love fighting in Superbrawl but could not pass up a fight with Jorge. See I belive he's one of the better up and coming fighters at 155lbs in the US.

Jorge could win by sub or dec. I'm going for the OK. Being aroung Jens has really helped me out. I don't belive he can take me down and I would be very suprize to learn he has the punching power that Jens has. Now I know he has stand-up skills. I've seem them up close..........Joe Jordan

Again does anyone know where this is going to be? or when?

Two guys who I feel fortunate to have met through this sport.

I have seen both grapple but neither fight. You'll get no prediction here.

Hello Joe. Don't suppose you'll be around for the next fights in Lexington?

NHBphotographer... You can post as many photo's of Jorge as you have I never get tired of looking...;)

Oh by the way Kick Ass Jorge...