Jorge Masvidal inks 6 fight deal with Strikeforce

...and he wants Kawajiri!

"Jorge informed me not minutes ago that he has inked a 6 fight, 2 year deal with Strikerforce. An opponent has yet to be announced for the Miami native. Jorge plans to compete in the Strikeforce lightweight division and of course, has his eye on the title. Masvidal sent several texts my way stating:"

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Edited to add in first part about Crusher!

 good for Jorge.

Big fan of his. Great to see him in a big promotion.

 Awesome addition to their roster

I have a feeling they are going to put him against Beerbohm.

It's a 6 fight deal, not 4 fight deal.

I hope they don't give him Shaolin. At least not as his first fight. High level jitz guys give him problems.

Nice. I love the way that dude fights.
Close fight with Daley. I'm looking forward to see him fight the best guys over at Strikeforce, there's some real good matchups over there for him.

good, some great fights there for him there Phone Post

i'd rather see him in the ufc

masvidal deserves his contract dude is the true definition of a warrior and will fight anyone

good for him.

jorge vs jorge

vengence - good for him.

jorge vs jorge

 that would be a great fight

 Awesome news.  He's an entertaining fighter.

 I want to see MASVIDAL vs BEERBOHM or HEALY


Gamebred, bitches.

Trying to figure out how it got posted as a 4-fight deal when it says twice in the article that it is a 6-fight deal. Please correct.

good signing

Masvidal against Fancy Pants would be a good one

 VERY SICK, man! He's gonna make waves over in SF for sure! About time.