Jorge Masvidal or Kimbo Slice?

Who takes it? I think that Jorge could weather Kimbo's short-lived storm and eventually wear him down ala Ray. What say you, guys?


would be good to see but the weight difference might be too much. i say
if they fight 10 times you might see kimbo win 3 or 4.

you saw what happened when rey caught him, anything can happen.

Kimbo is both a lot bigger and a lot better than Ray, he'd beat Jorge.

"you saw what happened when rey caught him"

Ray has probably put more people on their ass than Kimbo has.

"I don't think Jorge could hurt Kimbo with strikes."

You DO have a point there. But I'm not saying he could KO Kimbo. What I AM saying is that I am willing to bet Jorge's skills can enable him to weather a Kimbo storm and eventually put Kimbo away due to exhaustion ala Gannon. I would love to hear (read) what Gannon's take on my theory is.

I think Jorge has some good skills, but Kimbo has too much size and strength.  Jorge also had a harder time with Ray this time and Kimbo appears to be a lot better than Ray.

I'd like to see Kimbo take on Mark Hunt.

i think jorge would giving up close to 80-90 lbs. and despite him demonstrating superior skills all around thats probably just to much weight...

You guys think so? I dunno. I can see Jorge bobbing and weaving and clinching Kimbo to a drawn out victory.

I'd like to see Kimbo take on Mark Hunt.