Jorge Masvidal wants Nick Diaz after he beats Robbie again

Masvidal did the same thing to Noons right after Diaz did.

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Weird to see KJ Noons brought up in this thread.

Solid flash from the past, but I always thought he should have been fighting at 155.

They fought at 160 lbs in Strikeforce. That was Diaz fight weight.

That’s how far back people have to go to provide examples of Nick’s skill level.

The rematch that I attended in October of 2010 was for the welterweight (170) title.


Masvidal is “Jesus”…

Nick is God.

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Nick is mentally unbreakable. He may lose a decision but no one is going to make him quit like Conor.

Unless you stick a mic in his face. :stuck_out_tongue:

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True, but he lay down on his back and invited the GOAT to help himself. Nick is fearless. He swims with sharks for a laugh.

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“Do you not think thinking smoking weed is getting in the way of your fighting.”

“On the contrary, fighting is getting in the way of me smoking weed.”

Nick is a drunken Kung Fu master on the mic.


That’s when he’s at his best actually! Is there a more quotable fighter than ND?