Jorge PC 1.4m Usman PC 273k Egghead PC 392k

New mega star?


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Personal Computer? 


Maybe the worst thread title ever.


Egorge 5.1 KamU 600 lol wtf

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I have no idea what's going on in here! 

Post Climax? 

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Pay check? 

I'm lost bud

Protective custody?

OP must have gotten into a car wreck.

Prince Charming?

Thai Dye -

Pay check? 

That's what I'm guessing but who the fuck is egghead? Aldo? Normally people save egg for Dana but it couldnt be him because thats chump change money for him. 

my guess it’s youtube views of the press conferences for Masvidal, Usman and Dana White (egghead).


post fight press conference


Piss Cup? 

Colby Covid19ington - post fight press conference

Thanks Colby. MAGA motherfuckers. Press Conf numbers

GoDieInACarWreck -

New mega star?

Nah.  When people tuned in to see the only mega star he was knocking people out left and right, so the people kept coming back.  In this case, when people started to catch on they saw the star of the show get his ass kicked.  Even during his entrance he didn’t look like a guy who should be fighting for a world title.  Those views are pissed off people wondering wtf happened to the “BMF”?  That title will haunt him forever.  

Pinche Culero!!