Jorge Rivera Interview

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Thanks for the interview.


I hold no ill will against Jorge for beating Loiseau. The guy is class.

good job Curly!

great interview!



Sounds like a good guy.

Been a fan of this guys for some time. Picked him over theCrow and picking him over Murray. He desrves it.

I thought "The Crow" guy was going to kill him the way the posts were on here about him and how great he was and the next big thing in MMA.

Rivera proved he is going to be a hard fighter to beat and has the skills and stamina to make other fighters have to work hard to stay up with him.

I don`t know much about Murray and have never seen him fight but I have seen Rivera and know enough about to know he is not going to get beat easy. I`m picking Rivera.

I am looking forward to seeing Jorge compete at UFC 47 he looked very impressive for his first outing in the UFC.

It was a good fight, but I thought Rivera earned the win with the near-KO at the end.


ttt, Jorge is a hell of a nice guy and everyone at Sityodtong appreciates the props!

Rivera's tough as shit, no doubt.

He seems like a cool dude and I hope he KTFO of Lee Murray.

Rivera is that type of guy who doesn't even need martial arts to be one bad ass dude.

ttt for jorge and another great fight!!!

ttt for jorge and all the guys of Team Elite! All First Class!


ttt for Jorge who further proves that he's the man.