Jorge Rivera v. Kampmann UFC85??

Curious about your pics for this fight. Ive got Rivera by KO in rnd. one. Should be a great fight with the style match up.

 Kampmann, sub, round 1

Does Kampmann have a good ground game?


Wait.....if I say yes.....will you tell Rivera?

Flying toe hold then.

This will be a good fight.

Good comeback fight for Kampmann, I see Kampmann pushing the pace and getting the TKO late in the 2nd or early third.


Agreed, Kampmann has shown great cardio. Not sure about the power vs. Rivera though.

 Kampmann by TKO here.

Good fight regardless.

MSARiveraVALTUDO - Does Kampmann have a good ground game?

Kampmann by unreliable online research!

jorge wins

If Kampmann's Knee holds up he should beat Rivera standing or on ground.

Very interesting fight because it is the first fight back for Kampmann which isn't good and Rivera seems like a new fighter after the last fight. I question Martin's power at MW.

Don't bet this fight.

 I agree on this being a horrible fight to bet.  Although he's the better fighter Kampmann is coming back from a knee injury, I believe on his plant leg, you have no idea how he is going to look.  If Rivera was the one coming off injury layoff I would strongly favor Kampmann but you just don't know.

Kampmann did say that his knee was fine, I wonder if Octagon rust will set in early. Kampmann's a great guy so I'll certainly be rooting for him.

Kampmann for sures on this one...

I think he could be a contender, especially training at Xtreme Couture

I've got to go with power to Rivera... we havent seen much of either ones ground game in the octagon. Obviously both like to strike... best said that it will be an extremely exciting match up.

Kampmann all the way.

TTT, Rivera is too powerful at MW for Kampmann.