I would love to see Jorge in the UFC some more...that being said, I dont think there needs to be a rematch with Muray.

ttt to see Jorge fight in the Octagon again...

murrya and rivera are badasses...can't wait to see Murray again and rivera will be back.

ttt for rivera! he's a badass.

Cool guy.

ttt jorge will be back

shit happens everybody has an off night!!

TTT for Jorge! The UFC would be stupid to let him go. Win or loose, he goes for it. How many fighters do you see take the fight to the ground then just lay and pray. Jorge took the fight to the ground and continued to press the action. When you fight for the win you open yourself up to getting caught. With a stable of lackluster fighters compared to Pride, the UFC better hold onto the fighters that keep an audience watching. In short, keep Jorge!

come on 780 views and only 34 replys wtf leys get this
thread over 100 replys show zuffa we want jorge back!!

"Jorge took the fight to the ground and continued to press the action. When you fight for the win you open yourself up to getting caught."

LOL, Rivera was afraid to bang and tried to avoid the action by taking the fight to the ground. Too bad that he missed that Murray had as many finishes by sub as he had KOs...

What happened to the Rivera that was supposed to easily KO Murray?

"I was disappointed in Rivera's performance since I knew he had much better submission defense than that. I still don't understand why he didn't do the standard shoulder drive pass once Murray was attempting that sloppy armbar."

I agree with adamcannon. That was the first thing that I thought of. Shit happens though, people get caught. Jorge is a great fighter, and seems to be a nice guy. All we can do is wish him luck in his future fights.

Can someone please explain to me how Lee's attempt at an armbar was sloppy?

I'm not saying it wasn't sloppy, I just want to know what was wrong with it.

I think Jorge underestimated Lee's ground ability, and just got sloppy thinking he had that fight won when it hit the ground..

It happens, and yeah, Jorge might have looked like an amateur but so didn't the 5x (or 6x, I don't even know anymore) defending Ex-WelterWeight Champion Matt Hughes..

Jorge is way better than that.. I don't care if he gets a rematch or not, I would just like to see him back in there.

Lee Murray and Jorge are both great fighters!

It wasn't sloppy people just can't give him props it seems. GO MURRAY!

ttt for both Jorge and Lee, two excellent and exciting fighters.

I give Murray a lot of props... I think he's an excellent fighter... I'm not taking anything away from him.

I just really think that Jorge underestimated his ground skills.

Definately Jorge didn't execute his game plan. Most people are saying it was the wrong game plan, I disagree. I think he just didn't execute it, but it was the right one for Lee.


MASSBJJ was correct!

I'm not one to wine and cry and bitch and moan about a rematch............

However, I'd love to see a Murray/Rivera II, as soon as possible.

I'd put big money on Rivera to win!

My money is on Rivera also. Murry is the real deal but so is Jorge!