Jose Aldo - baddest man in the UFC?

All this shit talking from everyone else. It just never ends.

I don't remember hearing one thing Aldo has said that wasn't right on the money. He is an intelligent man when it comes to MMA.

He demanded the UFC respect his division and was nearly crucified by the faggots who make up a majority of the 'fans' on here.

He has beaten the shit out of all in his division, and he has done it with class.

Indeed. Phone Post 3.0

I've been saying he's P4P#1 for a long time. He reminds me of Fedor, in that he isn't overly weak in any one area. With Anderson, Chael gave hope that you could out wrestle him. With GSP you could hope to keep it standing and out strike him. Gus mangled Jon's face, giving hope to the entire division (and that's after Vitor almost arm barred him).

Best you can hope with Aldo is that he'll get tired of beating your ass in the 5th round, and even that got shattered when he took round 5 in his fight with Frankie. Phone Post 3.0

Well said good sir Phone Post 3.0