crazy vid

 Awesome video. I've been waiting for a good Jose Aldo highlight because all of his fights are exciting and fast-paced.

song? i no the original but is that a remix or something?

aldo brown should be a good matchup. browns a strong guy. his only prayer is to get aldo down n lnp. aldo tko 3

The next 145lbs champ!


kid's a great kickboxer.

awesome vid man

""song? i no the original but is that a remix or something?"

yeah Linkin Park has an album called Reanimation & its some of there old songs remixed,,, that song is called Plc.4 Mie Haed.

& thanks guys for the feedback its much appreciated that was a fun highlight to make,, Aldo is a beast i think he'll take Brown out but Mike is a tough mofo so im expecting a war i cant wait for this fight.

I just went and watched your Anthony Njoukuani highlight too (which was awesome). You do good work. Have you considered making an Anderson highlight with some of his newer fights? I think it would go along pretty well with your style of arranging the different clips.




Sick HL reel man. Good job.

I like how you laced video transitions with the transitions in the music.

 get rid of that crapy ass music please. then that hl would be perfect

JA is the shit, incredible fighter

He really is awesome to watch. Brutally fast striker with solid takedown defense. He doesn't just defend the takedown either he strikes you on the way in or out.

Does anyone know how good he is on the ground. I think I heard Mir saying he's great on the ground as well.

bdog is the shit !!! nice vid james

jose aldo is gonna ko or sub everyone .... he will retire undefeated with all belts lol

this kid is unreal though .... the x factor are his swittch knees . his timing with those pop knees is very unique weapon to counter the drop level wrestler . his shins and feet must be made of steel , the way he kicks to the head with reckless abandon