Jose Aldo Released From UFC

Super dissappointing last fight as a big fan. Was still on a legit mini run but could not pour it on enough.

He is absolutley the most underrated GOAT. I think DJ gets more due (which is deserved of course).

Aldo had 9 defenses total. This is overlooked.


Makes me sad - Jose has been one of my heroes since I started following the sport in my teens.

Hope he has a heap of money in the bank and has a happy retirement

People are literally fucking retarded abusing words this way

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LOL it says a lot


When you have to specify some arbitrary distinction like “first 16 opponents”, they’re going into overdrive with the propaganda. Watch this:

Combined records of opponents in their first 4 UFC title fights

Jose Aldo


Khabib Nurmagomedov


Well well, looky there. Khabib’s opposition had fewer losses and many more wins. Let’s all draw wild conclusions based on this empirical data!

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This graphic is incorrect. Khabib beat 4 world champions

RDA (LW Champ)
Conor (FW & LW champ)
Dustin Poirier (Interim LW champ)
Justin Gaethje (Interim LW champ)

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Aldo’s entire ufc career was nearly title fights so narrowing it down to first 4 is also arbitrary.

Imagine Aldo vs Buakaw in Bare Knuckle…


Btw, the title is also misleading. Aldo retired.

And here is a proper tribute by one of the best mma analysts in the game. Unsuprisingly, he has Aldo top 5 pfp of all time.

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Aldo had 8 non-title UFC fights. His record was 5-3.

Khabib had 9 non-title UFC fights. His record was 9-0.

This is correct however Aldo is universally loved now moving into retirement. Can’t say the same for khabob.

Aldo left it all out there for the fans. Khabib didn’t

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When comparing Aldo/Khabib there’s so many factors to consider

Prime years
Strength of schedule
Overall dominance

One thing people forget is they had one common opponent in Conor McTapper and we know how those fights went

Cuz those we’re all at the end of Aldo’s career. U were the one pointing out the selectiveness of the other numbers, this ain’t any better. Aldo has 9 defenses. That is the most important number. Believe that’s tied with GSP’s. Khabib is great too, but they were great in different ways. I don’t hold it against Khabib for ducking out early, that was a personal (and family) decision. But if we’re comparing reigns, Aldo’s was obviously much longer. Khabib was probably the most dominant overall but did not have thr longevity. Everyone knows it’s hardest to keep on winning once you get the belt.

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Common opponent at diff weights and diff points of Connor’s career. Also Khabib was bigger than Connor and Connor was bigger than Aldo. Connor was still a FW against Aldo and LW against Khabib but the size differences are still also true. Khabib struggled to make 155 and Aldo was later fighting at 135. Don’t get me wrong, I was overjoyed Khabib smashed Connor.