Jose Aldo training for UFC 142

Aldo training for Mendes



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He's gonna cave Medes head into bolivian. Phone Post




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mrmetoo - Can someone please translate?

2nd video has cc


Great footage, his reaction speed is crazy fast.

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 with translating? Ill pm NegoVeio..maybe he can help need for translation.  martial arts is universal..1 language

 There's really nothing very important to translate.

Aldo talks about training again with Pedro Rizzo.

Pedro says that Aldo wanted to focus on his Muay Thai training again.

Andre Pederneiras says they brought Maynard because they want Aldo to train with the best fighters available and Maynard is one of the best wrestlers.

Aldo talks again about not wanting to fight strategically, just wanting to finish fights, but that's not always possible because of the quality of the opponents. Then he says that he is going to defend the takedowns and frustrate Chad Mendes, that's how he always fought wrestlers even better than Mendes.

I could not see the second video, it says it's "Private".

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Thats cool he brought in Maynard for training.