Jose Maria vs. Dustin Ortiz

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Jose Maria

Oritz trains at Roufusport and is 7 years younger.... close fight

1-0 Maria... but it doesn't look like he'll win the fight

1-0 Maria Phone Post 3.0

Damn these guys are small. no wonder they used Joe Silva for the faceoff.

Maria 2-0

Card -

Maria 2-0

Agreed. Phone Post 3.0

Maria looking for a way out....

Back of the head GNP always wins

We're those not back of the head??? By the angle it looked like they were Phone Post 3.0

That's about as good as an example of back of the head shots that you will find. 

Those last hammer fists looked good to me. Either on the ear or just a smidge behind them.

like 3 shots to the back of the head

I agree to back of head shots but it's always hard when the guy buries his face into the canvas and turtles there not many places you can hit specially when they turn the head to aim their back of head at your fist

Yeah Maria was turning his head in to the punches...

Damn, was rooting for Maria, grats to Ortiz though

Matt Erickson @MMAjunkieMatt That was indeed a comeback win for Dustin Ortiz. Guilherme Bravo, Doug Crosby and Marcos Rosales all had it 20-18 Maria going to R3.