José "Pele Landi at muay-thai tournament (1995)

José "Pele" Landy  x  Carlos Da Silva  -  muay thai tournament 1995

José "Pele" Landy  x  Fernando Fernandes  -  muay thai tournament 1995  *Final


 later, love me some Pele

 LOL @ the first fight with the ref ruling those as knockdowns against Pele!!





i love when awesome pro ice threads that i somehow missed come back around.


Pro Ice Pro Icing it up....again.

Pele fights this weekend!!!

thanks again Pro Ice, looks good

My favorite pro ice thread to date Phone Post

Sub for later. Phone Post


Pele gives everyone he fights trouble, he was schooling Lee Murray but Lighting's 1 punch KO power had a different opinion. It was his first fight after leaving Chute Boxe.

I'm stoked for his fight this weekend since it's his first fight back with Grao Mestre Rudimar and Grupo Chute Boxe.

CLINTK9 - Pele could give Anderson some Trouble.

he gave him trouble twice already. pro ice is the goat.

I love me some Pro Ice! Phone Post

CLINTK9 - Pele could give Anderson some Trouble.


Curious what you mean, since I know you know their history


I wanna see the pele vs anderson fights, some people could get shocked.