Jose Piedra?

so my canuck roomate works as a valet and instead of cash some guy gave him a few cigars, 2 of which i recognize bt one say producto de cuba on it....its a Jose L Pierda with a brown collar on it....any info?

The Don is here for you, fat man. But we call them bands and not collars. Collars are for Riggs' ladies. There are 2 Jose Piedras: 1 is a Nicaraguan that is a 2nd of the Padron line.

More than likely, it is a machine-made Cuban. They average from 3-7 dollars. Decent smoke for not being hand-rolled.

Il Don

PS. If you roll a blunt out of it, I will shoot you in the face.

Or, you put the box of Jose's on top of the good cubans so friends see them first.

To a non cigar smoker, a cuban is a cuban.

dont worry don, not rolling a blunt out of it, just curious as to what to expect when smoke it........thanks for the help fellas.......don jm, i wil be hom for SB then heading to vegas for a couple days, hopefully we can indulge in some poker and cocktails

Jed, but of course.


its either aa 1 3 or 6