Josh Barnett contact info?!

Hello all,

My phone melted and I lost Josh's number and am up in the Seattle area and want to hook up with him.

If you can help me out thanks very much!

 I'm not sure if he's in Seattle right now.  He rarely is now a days.

I am tho!  I work in downtown.

 I live near Seattle, but im not Josh barnett.


I like turtles

I have to go to the bathroom but that also is not Josh's number so someone please help out.

 I have Josh's number, but I can't just give it out to people I don't know.

 I can give you my number, but again, im not Josh barnett.


Contact BALCO, they should have it.

 It took seven replies.  Lots of restraint on the UG today. 

yeah he lives at the corner of get a map and fuck off!


Your vote has been cast.

Uhhh thanks guys!