Josh Barnett issues brief statement

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                                Josh Barnett issues brief statement

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Many of you are wondering what's happening.  What I can say is that when applying for my license, the CSAC asked for me to submit a urine sample for testing prior to granting my license as they do with everyone, I believe. It was not a random test. I had no reason to believe there would be any issues and went in to submit my sample at the earliest possible opportunity on June 25th.  I never once thought there would be a problem. 

My representatives and I are working to gather as much info as possible and handle this situation as best as we can. I am embarrassed and want for nothing more than to resolve this issue and receive a license from the State of California as I have done many times already and for other states as well.
I am very thankful for all the great family, friends and fans that still support me.


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he cheated and got caught. he's done it before and will do it again. Period, the end, finished.

Once again there's no denial he was doing steroids, only that he didn't think there would be a 'problem.'

 not exactly a confident refusal of the accusations

wopgenius - he cheated and got caught. he's done it before and will do it again. Period, the end, finished.


"I did not use steroids." - Josh Barnett

Oh, wait. Sorry, he didn't say that. My bad. Bye Josh. Good luck in Japan.

I was really looking for Barnett vs Fedor!

How the hell Barnett could fail this test now!!! Especially if he had problems in the past? Doesn't he know any better????

Now we will never see him vs Fedor!

i hope hes done. no room for him in mma. go rassle in japan man.

At least we didn't get the "tainted supplement" "false positive" "procedural issues" "I was set up" excuses we have heard from sooo many others. He won't get near the heat others get because of this. Are you listening Muscle Shark? Rafeal Palmiero? Roger Clemens?