Josh Barnett vs Frank Mir UFC 164 Who is your Pick

Josh Barnett vs Frank Mir UFC 164
Should be a good match. Who is your Pick?
I'm going with Mir for this one


Josh Phone Post

I can't see Josh taking the fight to the ground. They are both great grapplers but I think Mir has the edge with the grappling. As well Mir has more to lose as he is coming off of two straight losses.

Both guys will try and stand. Mir will claim he has superior striking, and he very well may. However, that's like saying that he spells better and wants to prove it in a spelling bee.

We all know these guys are grapplers and that is their strength. Mir will get taken down, fight from the bottom and Barnett will wrestle hump from the top.

This jammie party will end with a Barnett decision victory unless someone actually lands a punch when no one is looking.