Josh Barnett. WHY?!?!?

Josh Barnett was listed to compete at ADCC:

  1. Why did he not compete?

  2. Why was he wearing a rash guard, wrestling shoes and grappling shorts parading around the arena but wasn't competing?

  3. Why was he asking so many questions at the rules meeting? (when he did not even compete)

So WHY!?!??!?!

Probably so random internet guy would make a post questioning his motives.

Probably was injured but coaches and wanted to be straight on the rules

Josh Barnett coached some of the Japanese grapplers, you know, thats probably why he asked questions, and wore a outfit so he could roll and warm up with them.

most of the japanese fighters either weren't at the weigh in or were chatting over in the corner since they couldn't understand what was being said. josh ran through the rules with them later that night on the mats in the ballroom at the marriott.

Why do you have those twinkles beside your name?

Josh was wearing a t-shirt, and he looked like one of the busiest coaches the whole weekend.