Judo rules !

Good fight. Some awesome throws and surprisingly Karo tried a foot sweep. Just think of how cool it would look if Karo hit a well timed foot sweep. I wonder what a judo match would look like if you could strike too. Would grip fighting be null?

I needed a moment after that harai in round 1. It was so beautiful.

Good fight. Karo is disengaging clinches and striking on the way out now - that looks new for him. Pretty effective!

Nice job by Karo!

Unfortunately, he can't seem to keep them down once he has thrown his opponents.

"Good fight. Karo is disengaging clinches and striking on the way out now
- that looks new for him. Pretty effective!"

i agree. he was looking like a small version of fedor doing that. thats a
great weapon for him because guys are so fixated on not getting tossed
that i think he can catch them with some good strikes on the way out.

I am so tired of Joe Rogan. Who makes him an authority? I know he does bjj, but my goodness. He stated that Karo was or is one of the best 'judoko' (it's judoka)in the world. What planet is he on? Karo has good judo, but by far not one of the best in the world.

Surly there are better commentators.

it isnt a matter of better or worse, its simply more intelligent or knowledgeable.

Rogan isn't nearly as bad as Jim Brown. That guy was a wreck. Even though Joe says some off things at times, he's light years ahead of JB.

Truth is Joe seems to be more like a spectator rather than a commentator.

Josh you're right better choice of words.....'intelligent/knowledgeable'

Rogan didn't say that, Goldberg did. I like Goldberg, but he says all sorts of goofy things like that.

Sounded like rogan to me.....either way they both need to be gone.

If he trained in BJJ he would have actually finished the match.

i honestly dont think Karo did all he could to finish the match, odd as it sounds. it really seemed to me as if he was far more interested in standing and working on his hands.

and, fam... when have i ever been wrong??? lmao.

Fuck that Harai was huge...

I like that Rogan is promoting the sport (although that obviously serves his self-interest as well) but I do see Famliman's point that it's not too much to ask for a commentator to be reasonably educated in the major arts that comprise MMA (judo, bjj, wrestling, thai boxing, boxinng). Hell, I'm a hack, and I'm reasonably informed as to at least the names of judo throws. Rogan and Eddie Bravo appear not to be.

Agree with resnick, karo was trying his test from the looks of it.

Looking at that throw again - it was frickin' sick. Karo had no real grip on Burkman. That throw was all Burkman's forward momentum and Karo's timing. It was what all the Aikido guys wish they could do. Very, very impressive.

Yeah, reaching over the back for the opposite lat... Never tried that grip before.

Although, after watching the throw a dozen time, I think it was his control on the arm underneath his left armpit that made the throw... Almost like a Makikomi grip?