Josh Donaldson breaks down his hitting approach...

A lot of it goes against what coaches typically teach.
Very interesting is the opening of the foot so that the hips can torque easier.
Very similar to what they tell some huskier golfers.

Textbook or not it definitely works for him. Dude can absolutely rake. Phone Post 3.0

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Altuve will likely win it this year. Phone Post 3.0

VinegarStrokes - Altuve will likely win it this year. Phone Post 3.0

Josh has started to heat up again. 2 months to go anything can happen.

Majority of major league sports are defined by the individual players' ability to generate raw power.

Kinetic linking. Starts from the feet and transcends to the hands, passing through the hips and buttocks for a huge burst of torque. There are similarities between throwing a football, pitching a baseball, throwing an over hand right, etc. Phone Post 3.0

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This is a pretty awesome breakdown and perspective on hitting. It's also really high level that I think most hitters can't reach without first creating a real foundation of mechanics.. I love the back/scapula load and hadn't been able to verbalize it correctly even though I try to teach it to hitters. I think the front foot open is brilliant for creating the stretch-reflex of the hips/shoulders/hands, but most hitters will break the 'rubber band' and become too spread out.

Thanks for posting. It gave me a litte leap in my understanding of hitting.

Slo motion video has helped break down the baseball swing almost as much as the golf swing in the last 20 years. Its good to see, but the enemy of so many BS ideas and tips on hitting a baseball. I cringe every time my daughters baseball coach tells her "get that bat up, elbow up." She mostly ignores luckily because she knows better. Phone Post 3.0

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VinegarStrokes - Altuve will likely win it this year. Phone Post 3.0

He's not gonna win it, they're probably not even gonna make the playoffs. The MVP rarely goes to a player on a non playoff team.