Josh Griggs Dominates in Irvine

I just wanted to congratulate and let everyone know, that long time teammate and friend Josh Griggs won this past Sunday in Irvine, CA in Dominating fashion.

In a great display of control, he took the fight wherever he wanted using his wrestling and great strinke.  In the 3rd he landed a beautiful head kick that just seemed to be a few inches a way from ending the fight.

Josh is coming off a loss in OH where he was decisively winning the ENTIRE fight and ended up having the fight called on a questionable cut.  His fight before that also had some controversy behind it when he was EASILY winning at least 2 of the 3 rounds, but somehow the fight went to his opponent, it is in the process of being reviewed as we speak.

Anyways, CONGRATS Josh, you looked great in your victory.

Pics of Josh topless?


congrats josh. -luigi

I'm sure we can make that happen Ryan. I will get on that ASAP.